These Are the Gifts to Buy for Your Yoga-Obsessed Friend


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You know that friend who never misses a yoga class? The one who can't stop talking about their newest mat, or how they finally did a handstand, or the instructor they're currently obsessed with? Yeah, you've got to get them a yoga-inspired gift for the holidays. It's a total no-brainer.

To help you out, I've compiled a list of some of the best yoga gear out there—from mats to straps to blocks to leggings. You've got everything you need here to make the yogi in your life happy. And hey, these gifts are still great ideas even if you don't have a friend who has a passion for yoga. Give one of these to a friend who wants to work out more in the new year.

Yoga Mats

1. Alo Warrior Mat

Alo's Warrior Mat is my absolute favorite. I never feel like I'm going to slip or slide, and I love that it's a bit larger than normal mats so I can really spread out.

2. Iuga Yoga Mat

If your friend loves hot yoga, they're going to need this mat. It has non-slip surfaces on both sides so you won't slip and slide during class.

3. Manduka Pro Yoga Mat

Manduka's Pro yoga mat is 6mm thick so it has enough cushion to make it comfortable on your joints and knees. The material wicks away sweat and moisture, too.

4. Lululemon Take Form Yoga Mat

Lululemon's newest yoga mat is designed to help your alignment. It has a 3D texture so you can feel centered and stable in your poses.

5. Gaiam Yoga Mat

Gaiam's yoga mat has over 16,000 ratings and 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon, so it's one of the highest-rated mats on the retailer. The lightweight piece has a textured, non-slip surface.

6. BalanceFrom GoYoga All-Purpose 1/2-Inch Extra Thick Yoga Mat

For more cushion and comfort, gift them with this extra-thick yoga mat. It's a half-inch thick so the hips, knees, and elbows will be protected on hard floors.

7. Ativafit Non-Slip TPE Yoga Mat

This yoga mat has markings on it to help with proper alignment, which is so important for improving skills and for safety.

8. Gruper Yoga Mat

There is a sticky non-slip texture on both sides of this yoga mat. It also has an anti-tear double-layer structure to make it sturdy.

Yoga Gear

9. Gaiam Essentials Yoga Blocks

Yoga blocks can help you get deeper into poses and provides stability and balance. These 

10. Branzyn Alpha Midnight Morph Roller

A foam roller is so great for muscle recovery. Just use it to relieve any tension or soreness. This one is awesome for small spaces because it collapses flat.

11. Tumaz Yoga Strap

Get some extra stretching help with this sturdy band. I have it at home and I like using it even when I'm not practicing yoga—it's awesome for unwinding after a long day of sitting down and feeling stiff.

12. Alo Bend It Yoga Wheel

A yoga wheel is designed for stretching, releasing tension, and improving flexibility.

13. Bink Day Hydration Tracking Water Bottle

This water bottle will come in handy outside of yoga class, too.

14. Ajna Yoga Bolster Pillow

If your friend practices restorative yoga they're going to need a bolster. This one has mixed density layers of recycled foam and a concentrated core so it's durable and won't lose its shape.

15. Halfmoon Yoga Blanket

For extra cushioning during class, use this yoga blanket. It's made with 100% cotton and gets softer with each wash.

16. Shandali GoSweat Hot Yoga Towel

Here's one for your hot yoga–loving friend. This towel covers the whole mat so it can soak up any sweat and prevent any slipping.

17. Manduka Botanical Disinfecting Cleaner

This plant-based mat cleaner kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. It doesn't contain any harsh chemicals and it's non-irritating.


19. Zella Live In High Waist Crop Leggings

Zella's leggings are always a favorite with our editors and readers. They're moisture-wicking, feature a no-slip waistband, and have just the right amount of stretch.

20. Splits59 Sara Sports Bra

Made of soft jersey fabric, this low-impact sports bra is just so comfortable.

21. H&M 2-Pack Sports Vest Tops

These basic tanks are great for all types of workouts. They're made of fast-drying functional fabric and are so easy to move in.

22. Lululemon Flow Y Nulu Bra

Lululemon's Flow Y bra was designed specifically for yoga. The racerback piece is made with a buttery soft and weightless fabric making it so easy to move in.

23. Alo Airbrush High-Waist Bootcut Legging

Bootcut leggings are back, so make sure your friend is on trend with this scultping and smoothing pair from Alo.

24. Athleta Ultra High Rise Elation Tight

Athleta's Elation tights are made with the brand's buttery-soft Powervita fabric which has support that doesn't feel too tight and uncomfortable. It also features a three-layer unpinchable waistband.

25. Fp Movement Blinding Lights Bra

Designed for medium-impact activities, this sports bra can be worn for plenty of other workouts. It has four-way stretch and wicks away sweat.

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