How to Express Gratitude With Yoga: 5 Happiness-Boosting Tips



Happiness experts agree that one of the keys to long-term mental and spiritual fulfillment is to regularly express gratitude. "It's important to practice gratitude because it increases your well-being by clearing your mind, focusing on all the gracious and good things in your life, and to appreciate all the simple things in life that we usually take for granted," says Jessy Chang, a teacher at Evoke Yoga in Los Angeles. Emily Cummings, a yoga instructor at L.A.'s Set & Flow, agrees that making a habit of focusing on what you're grateful for is important because it shifts the way you respond to the world dramatically. As she explains, "Things that were once challenges become teachers. When you're grateful, you always have enough. That insatiable desire to constantly be chasing the next thing goes away and you are able to fully enjoy the moment, which is really all we ever have."

So how exactly does one "practice gratitude"? Turns out that a few simple yoga poses and techniques can help. We solicited the advice of Chang, Cummings, and a couple other seasoned yogis to figure out how to involve "gratitude yoga" into our daily lives. "These practices work to help you express gratitude simply by shifting your perspective and bringing a sense of mindfulness to your practice," says Cummings. Keep scrolling for five easy, yoga-inspired ways to feel more gratitude.