Apparently, Your Metabolism Has a Spirit Animal—What's Yours?

I am not effortless. I like who I am, and I can also admit that my true nature does not include that certain je ne sais quoi inherent to women who “woke up like this.” My phone is always at 19%, I’m perpetually 10 minutes late for everything, and I definitely don’t wash my Beautyblender as often as I should. Recently, however, I realized that my maladroit charm was getting, well, less charming: I was struggling to concentrate at work, sleeping restlessly, and feeling a constant low-level buzz of stress. My digestion was off, and my shoulder muscles had wound themselves into seaworthy knots. I felt like I was bouncing back and forth between anxiety and spacey forgetfulness with no room for equilibrium.

I lamented this weird shift in energy to a friend, fully expecting her to rightfully chastise my inability to leave the house on time and my love of late-night screen time. I was thrown for a loop when she—who, for the record, is calm, punctual, and always has shiny hair—said she understood. Furthermore, she revealed that her personal laundry list of seemingly unrelated issues had a common cause: her metabolism. When I pressed her for more info, she told me to set up an appointment with Wildly You.