What 5 Editors Always Keep in Their Gym Bags

Gym Bag Essentials



For most of us, finding the time to squeeze in a workout is half the motivational battle—and that's where a well-packed gym bag comes into play. The right essentials make all the difference when we have to rush from the gym to the office or vice versa, be it a stellar sweatproof mascara or a handy hair mist that reactivates and redefines ponytailed curls.

And naturally, our editors know a thing or two about keeping their look on lockdown even after the sweatiest of Spin classes. Below, we share some of the items that we swear by for every workout—from budge-proof earbuds to the most refreshing face mist.

Victoria Hoff, Wellness Editor +
Managing Editor, THE/THIRTY

"I talk about these genius little hair ties constantly, but the praise is just that well deserved. And a tough workout is where they really shine: The unique shape keeps my hair super secure without the dreaded ponytail dent."

"I am a huge fan of Eve Lom's newest iteration of its cult-fave cleanser, which is formulated and packaged with convenience in mind. But the real appeal for me is the fact that it's so hydrating. It sounds gross, but I used to avoid washing my face after working out because it dried out my skin so much. That problem is a problem no longer."

"My concealer, my 'foundation,' my everything. I keep these little containers in my purse, in my desk at work, and yes, in my gym bag. I just adore the creamy formula and semi-sheer coverage, which melts into my skin and looks impossibly natural. I'm definitely not big on wearing makeup at the gym, but I do appreciate not looking totally dead to the world. In order to feel polished yet natural, I just spot-conceal with this stuff and add a few swipes of tinted brow gel."

"A lot of earbuds don't fit comfortably in my ears, but these are so snug, and the sound is great. Plus, they're so cheap that I don't feel so bad about losing them."

Maya Allen, Assistant Editor

"I leave the gym with parched lips every single time. For extra moisture, I reach for this luxurious balm, which has a permanent spot tucked in the side pocket of my purse. My lips absorb this silky, rich balm so quickly. I never have to worry about dry, chapped lips, because this stuff is so hydrating."

"My hands feel so incredibly gross after my cycling class. The combination of my sweat in relation to touching the bike handles the whole time just makes me feel icky. I always keep this hand sanitizer spray in my purse for a quick spritz on my subway ride home. Even after immediately washing my hands after class, applying this to my hands makes my palms feel fresh again. I love the lavender scent."

Lindsey Metrus, Managing Editor

"While my face remains pretty much unblemished except for a few small breakouts here and there around the time of my period, I'm extremely bacne-prone, especially in the summertime and when I work out. It's a condition called friction acne, where the straps of your bra rubbing against your skin (mixed with oil and sweat) cause those lovely back pimples. As annoying as it is, I've found solace in these body pads from Proactiv. If I don't have time for an immediate shower after I go to yoga, I wipe one or two all over my back and neck and find that doing so decreases my chances of breaking out tenfold."

"Again, if I can't rinse right away post-yoga, I love having a travel-size bottle of Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo on hand. It's got a high-powered spray that deposits a volumizing and sweet-smelling absorbent spray onto my sweaty strands for a quick refresher. I can pretty much fake having just washed my hair even if the truth is it hasn't been washed in a day or so."

Hallie Gould, Senior Editor

"For yoga, I bring my Gaiam Sol Sticky-Grip Yoga Mat ($40) to keep from slipping and sliding around when things get sweaty."

"I'll usually pack a cooling mist, my Eve Lom Cleansing Gel ($60) and Vernon François Nourishing Water Mist ($18) to reset my curls."

"This bottle was a gift, so yes, I know it seems extravagant when other water bottles cost far less. But the stone inside is meant to help you stay centered in the midst of stressful days (of which I have plenty) and help with anxiety. Each crystal is unique—which makes the vessel feel all the more personal."

Audrey Noble, Associate Editor

"I do my hair after I shower in the studio's bathroom. I need this round brush when I blow-dry my hair."

"I've never been to a workout facility that had disposable razors in their showers/changing areas. This one from Gillette makes it easy to get to hard-to-reach places (it's the only razor that I've never accidentally cut myself with) and guaranteed no red bumps."

"I prefer body oils to lotions, and this one from Ouai not only smells great but hydrates and smooths out my skin. I put it on right after I shower at whatever workout class I do and apply it to the ends of my hair, which tend to get dried out when I'm blow-drying."

"Nothing is worse or more distracting than when you have eyeliner running all over your face when you're sweating. This eyeliner has a creamy texture that goes on smooth, and it does not move or smear when I do high-intensity workouts (like boxing). I wear this liner when I know I'm going to be working out after work."

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