How to Get From the Gym to the Office Without Looking Totally Disheveled


Urban Outfitters

With the season of shandy grapefruit beers and Summer Fridays spent gorging (and lounging) from 2 p.m. to 2 a.m. now over, we’ve found a renewed vigor for the wellness and fitness goals we once made. To boot: A 6 a.m. alarm set to sneak in a morning workout class before the drill of to-do lists and meetings begin. The only drawback? Saying goodbye to our leisurely morning routine and finding a new speedy regimen that still guarantees we look pulled together for those 9 a.m. meetings.

It’s hard to feel put-together after spending an hour in a sweat sesh followed by a sweaty locker room. Between having to lug a gym bag to and from work, and waiting in line for a shower, sticking to your morning fitness goal can be challenging. But don’t let vanity impede you. Ahead, we’ve uncovered simple hacks to streamline your après-workout process into a 20 minutes or less. These tried and true time-saving techniques will ensure you stroll into work with nary a strand out of place.