25 Products to Try If You Want to Take Your Cup of Coffee to the Next Level

26 Healthy Coffee Products That Actually Taste Good



I don't know if it's just me, but everything I've ever heard about the health benefits of coffee has been extremely confusing. On one hand, rumors ran for years preaching that coffee can stunt your growth and potentially increase your risk for cardiovascular problems. But then, the results of studies ended up debunking these myths and even went on to prove that coffee could actually be really good for you. They told us that drinking a few cups would burn fat and aid in weight loss but warned that you should never drink it on an empty stomach. Then, we learned that it's helpful but only if you drink it at a certain time of day (and it's not as soon as you wake up, which is a total bummer if you ask me). A recent report even went so far as to say you can drink up to 25 cups of coffee a day—which sounds like a nightmare for my digestive system.

Alas, I don't know if any report—no matter how mind-blowing—will ever get me to give up my daily cups of brew. (Although, one editor tried it and lived to tell the tale.) It's more of a ritual than it is a drink; I love mixing different tonics, supplements, and creamy nut milks to make not only something that tastes delicious but makes me feel good, too.

Interested in upgrading your coffee into a daily dose of wellness? Keep scrolling for some of my picks.

Supplements and Adaptogens 

Ever since I listened to a podcast featuring Bulletproof founder Dave Asprey, I've been completely obsessed with his philosophies on bio-hacking (including how he manipulates his body to only need a few hours of sleep a night—insane). But what really had me hooked was tasting my first piping-hot cup of creamy, tasty Bulletproof coffee from a local café a few years ago. For whenever I don't have the time (and cash) to have someone make it for me, I love utilizing these travel-friendly packs to instantly elevate my regular brew to Bulletproof-style. 

I'm a big fan of Moon Juice in general, but I especially love adding this particular dust to my coffee whenever I'm in need of an extra boost. I swear I feel more alert afterward (which is crazy, considering you only need a teaspoon).

You don't normally consider coffee when feeling under the weather, but reviewers swear by these immunity-boosting supplements that will apparently kick your cold in no time. It's made with mistletoe extract, known as a natural healer that is used on cancer patients and is a great thing to have on hand if you're prone to illness.

If you're looking to dip your toes into the collagen pool, the Vital Proteins brand is the cream of the crop. While some report healthier hair, better skin, and stronger nails after taking collagen supplements, I mostly enjoy stirring a scoop into my coffee for the added protein—especially on days I'm skipping breakfast.

Does coffee make you jittery? Enter CBD. One editor swears by the stuff to help her stay energized while keeping the anxious side effects at bay. This Papa & Barkley brand is one of our favorites at THE/THIRTY HQ.

This adaptogenic blend boasts powerful herbal ingredients like lion's mane, schisandra berry and bacopa. Regardless of whether you know what those terms mean or not, take my word for it: This stuff really works. Struggling to workout in the morning? It only takes a quarter teaspoon (and for $35 a jar, that's a bargain) in your morning brew to get yourself focused and energized enough to exercise.

While essential oils are probably not what you were expecting to see in a coffee roundup, they absolutely should be on your radar if you're looking for natural ways to flavor your coffee. No need to shell out tons of cash for a hot peppermint mocha or lavender-infused latte. Just add a few drops of essential oils to your cup and you've officially become your very own barista. 


For all those looking for a more condensed morning routine (there are only so many wellness rituals we can squeeze in before 9 a.m.), meet the answers to (some) of your problems. These packets of coffee contain 13 essential vitamins, meaning you'll never have to worry about taking supplements or gummies again. 

While protein shakes still feel very 2000s to me (currently having SlimFast flashbacks), this vegan brand has me giving them a second chance. OWYN, an acronym for Only What You Need, packs high-quality plant protein and delicious cold brew into one on-the-go drink that'll keep you energized and more importantly, not hangry. 

There aren't many people that don't give me a look of pure disgust when I admit I sometimes drink mushroom coffee (and hot chocolate and golden milk lattes), but trust me on this one, okay? It really does taste just like a typical cup of brew, except without the caffeine-induced jitters. I also love how it's instant and easy to bring along anywhere, no coffee machine required.

I've been looking to amp up my post-workout protein recently, especially when I workout in the morning since I'm not the biggest breakfast eater. Aprés not only includes 14 grams of protein, but it also includes electrolytes from coconut water and healthy fats stemming from MCTs making it the ideal recovery drink. 

Cold brew is my iced drink of choice, so I love having the option to brew some up in my very own kitchen. This coffee is loaded with superfoods like ashwagandha, reishi, and chaga: Just add ice and you're good to go. Good news if you're someone who likes their morning cup a little sweet, they do add some stevia to the mix. But if you're someone (like me) who enjoys a more bitter brew, I'd recommend adding more liquid than what's recommended to help balance it out. 

Open my fridge and you'll immediately notice the array of Califia Farms nut milks that have taken up permanent residence on the very first shelf. While I'm totally addicted to its unsweetened vanilla almond milk, I had never expected its coffees to be just as good. I love how strong the coffee tastes, despite it being pre-made and the fact that the bottle isn't loaded with hidden sugars and sweeteners.

The addition of maca root—a natural herb known to boost energy and your libido—makes this "energizing elixir" particularly useful if you're trying to get in on but need a little help. And if you're not, well, enjoy the delicious blend of cold brew, vanilla, and coconut milk regardless. 

Creamers and Milks

At this point, I've tried nearly every alternative milk out there. (I do live in Los Angeles, after all.) While almond milk is my go-to, I enjoy treating myself to an oat milk latte every once in a while, and Oatly is without a doubt my brand of choice. It's made with 100% pure gluten-free oats, plus some added vitamins and calcium for a nutritional boost.

I casually stumbled upon this creamer while scouring the aisles of TJ Maxx for any good deals, and lo and behold, this brand practically fell into my cart. I don't subscribe to the Keto diet (nor any diet) by any means, but I love that it's made with just a few simple ingredients yet keeps me satisfied until lunchtime.

TBH, all of Califia Farms' dairy-free milks and creamers are good, but I love a splash of the hazelnut half-and-half whenever I'm craving a barista-level coffee but would rather make one from home.

Vital Proteins here again, but this time to deliver a collagen supplement that doubles as your coffee creamer. It's made with coconut milk, making it naturally soy- and dairy-free, but still gives your brew that added taste of creaminess.

While there isn't a ton of research to support it, many avid coffee drinkers swear adding grass-fed butter (yes, you read that right) to their cup of coffee boosts mental clarity, helps them feel energized, and even results in weight loss. (See my earlier comment in regard to Bulletproof.) Personally, I'm a huge fan of butter coffee as a meal replacement for my breakfast and can say it keeps me full for more hours than I would expect. Whether it works for you or not, it certainly is delicious, and I love that this Picnik option upgrades your regular cup of joe to butter coffee status instantaneously. 

Appliances and Accessories

If you're trying to live more sustainably (as we all should be), it's worth investing in a reusable cup that you can use to get your coffee fill at home or on the go. I've owned this Yeti tumbler for about a year now, and I'm not exaggerating here—it has completely transformed my life. It keeps my hot drinks really hot (for like, hours) and my iced ones super cool, too. I love using a reusable straw to make caffeinating on my commute that much easier. 

For such a small device, this handheld milk frother truly elevates any latte in minutes—and is especially helpful when you have guests over and want to impress them with a really good cup of coffee. I use it to create lattes, yes, but it's also really helpful for mixing in supplements and adaptogens when they don't easily dissolve.

Another way to make sure your coffee is eco-friendly? Keep a few reusable straws on deck. A whole pack of these probably cost less than your regular order at a coffee shop, so no excuses!

This coffee maker is so adorable I am considering adding it to my nightstand. In all seriousness, you can get a cup of coffee within minutes without taking up all the counter space in your kitchen. 

This "smart mug" has been on my wish list for quite a while, as you can control the temperature of your drink, so it's just how you like it—from your phone, no less. As someone who is usually too excited to wait for the food to cool, and therefore constantly suffers from a very burned tongue, this is the ultimate luxury.

Guests will certainly take your coffee addiction seriously if they see this device sitting on your counter, but we promise they'll be begging for a second cup. I especially love how you can make cold milk froth for your iced coffees, too.

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