Your Nutritionist-Approved $50, $100, or $150 Healthy Grocery List

Apart from an amazing deep-tissue massage or a pedicure from Olive & June (is it a blessing or curse that there’s a location one block from my apartment?), nothing is as calming as my weekly trip to the grocery store. Every Saturday or Sunday (usually the former because by Friday my refrigerator looks as barren as the lands beyond the Wall), I wake up at the crack of dawn to beat that weekend crowd, make my lists, and grab my shopping bags. Hi, my name is Erin, and I like to select my avocados for the week at 7 a.m.—yes, for fun.

Until, that is, I realize my bank account is about as desolate as my aforementioned fridge. Sound familiar? Though not everyone wakes before sunrise with the sparkling aisles of Whole Foods on their mind, most people I know do have some anxiety when it comes to managing a weekly food budget—especially if eating healthy is the goal.

And while some weeks our budget might have some wiggle room for splurges (the Postmates app will always haunt us), other weeks, for one reason or another, things are a bit tighter, which can become stressful. Yes, it's easy to rely on office snacks or impromptu trips to the drive-through for something quick and affordable, but wouldn’t it be easier on our bodies to have a healthy, nutritionally balanced grocery list that's completely adaptable depending on our budget?

To create some equilibrium, I reached out to holistic nutritionist and founder of Kore Kitchen Meryl Pritchard and asked her to create three healthy grocery lists for three different weekly budgets: $50, $100, and $150. And as an added bonus, she even shared a few of her favorite recipes.

Keep reading for the expert-curated grocery lists that will help you to eat healthy while staying on budget.