9 Nice Things to Do for Your Body Instead of Dieting in 2019



"Diet" and "New Year's resolution" are two concepts in close association. Losing weight has long since dominated people's new-year goals. But being unkind to your body is not really our vibe for 2019. According to a YouGov poll, the most common health-related resolutions shared by Americans in 2018 were to eat healthier, get more exercise, and focus on self-care. These are notably different from the resolutions that topped people's lists a decade ago, when "lose weight" was the number one health-related aspiration of 2008. This pattern shows that slowly but surely people are moving away from unattainable, doomed diet plans and toward a more balanced approach to food that's more about getting well than losing weight for the sake of it.

To continue this trajectory, we've put together a list of health-focused aspirations to pursue in 2019 that have nothing to do with dieting. Forget calorie-counting, liquid cleanses, and other unhealthy diet behaviors, and try one (or all) of these things instead.