25 Things to Buy for a Healthier Kitchen

Sure, a healthier kitchen starts with what kind of food you have in it, because after all, a big part of keeping your body well depends on the nutrients you're consuming. But there are other non-food finds that you can add to your space to promote a healthy lifestyle and help you eat better. We wrote about what to buy for a healthier bedroom, and now we're focusing on what to buy for a healthier kitchen—things that will make cooking easier, help curb your junk food snacking, and more.

Some of these products range from high-tech devices and others are just simple basics, so you can pick and choose what works for your lifestyle, or you can say, "Why not?" and buy it all. It's up to you. Take a look at some of our suggestions below.

Sure you can get a regular blender for under $50, but you can also get a Vitamix, especially if you're committed to your daily smoothies. This one has three program settings: smoothies, hot soup, and frozen desserts, so you can have fun testing out your favorite homemade recipes. It also has some really cool high-tech capabilities, like built-in wireless connectivity and a digital timer.

Meal prepping is a smart way to ensure you're eating right. While it is a time commitment, it will pay off when you have zero minutes to grab lunch during the workday or feel too tired to cook after work, so you don't opt for fast food via Postmates. These glass containers will make meal prep a breeze.

Air fryers are getting as much buzz as the trendy Instant Pot these days, and we can understand why. If you love french fries, fried chicken, and even donuts, you can make them in the air fryer and not feel so bad about indulging. It allows you to cook with little to no oil, so the foods are less fatty than if you fried them the regular way. Plus, you can also dehydrate and roast, too.

Speaking of the Instant Pot, we had to add it to the list, too. While you can make a lot of "unhealthy" things in the trendy kitchen gadget (creamy and cheesy soups and stews galore!), you can also use it to make some healthy stuff, too. Cook quinoa and beans easily, or even put a whole butternut squash inside.

Prep kale (or other leafy greens) with ease by using this helpful stem-stripper. Just put the leaves through the holes and say goodbye to the stems. Personally, I have this one, and it makes making meal prepping veggies so much easier. You can even use it for herbs too, which is such a timesaver—anyone who has ever had to meticulously pull thyme leaves will know it's a pain in the butt.

Zoodles (and the like) are so popular right now—and for good reason, because honestly, some recipes taste as good as regular pastas. (As good, not better; we're not monsters and still love a good bowl of spaghetti bolognese.) While some grocery stores offer pre-made items, you can also save a few bucks and make your own at home with a spiralizer. This one has over 9000 ratings on Amazon with an average of 4.5 stars.

If you're looking to live more sustainably (and actually, this can help your overall health for a variety of reasons), you'll want to cool it on the paper towel use. That's where a set of kitchen towels comes in handy. Purchasing a big stack of them can also help with your laundry load, too.

A digital kitchen scale is helpful for those who are trying to be extremely mindful of portion sizes and food intake. This one is just $11 and is battery-operated. It can weight up to 11 pounds of food and displays results in ounces, grams, and pounds.

Featuring 131 straightforward, relatively easy, and most importantly, healthy, recipes, this cookbook provides enough inspiration for any meal. Think dishes like salty watermelon, feta, mint, and avocado salad; spiced chicken and chickpea flatbreads; and peanut butter granola. The best part? It's great for cooking newbies and lazy cooks—the recipes were developed with easy and quick prep and cleanup in mind.

You can't go wrong with a classic net shopping bag—it's perfect for picking up fresh fruits and veggies at the farmer's market or grocery store. Plus, you'll be contributing to the sustainability movement, and we can all agree that's healthy for everyone.

Whenever I'm trying to wash my salad greens, I always am kicking myself for not having a salad spinner. Easily rinse and dry lettuce with the push of a button. Maybe this one might even make me eat more salad.

Another way to be more sustainable in the kitchen is by swapping your dish soap for a natural version. I love Mrs. Meyer's products because they get the job done, smell good, and are pretty okay on the planet, too. This dish soap smells like lemon verbena and is made of plant-derived ingredients.

You know what will make healthy cooking even easier? Having a good set of knives so you can chop veggies in a flash.

Speaking of chopping vegetables, you can be lazy (or save some time) by choosing a food processor. It can also puree soups and is perfect for making dips, like hummus.

Control your portion size and your usage of plastic bags with reusable self-sealing bags. These ones are great to take on-the-go.

If you want to cut back on drinking juices and sodas, one way that can help (and ensure you drink more water) is to get a water bottle infuser. Put fruits or cucumber slices inside for instant spa water.

Easily slice or grate vegetables with this mandoline. It will save you a lot more time than regular chopping (and is perfect if you don't have the most advanced knife skills).

Okay, hear us out. Yes, the Amazon Echo might not seem like a "healthy" kitchen item, but it really is! Ask Alexa to help you with recipes or to set the timer. Play some music while you're cooking to make the prep time go so much faster. You'll actually want to spend time in the kitchen, instead of opting to order takeout.

Chef Chloe Coscarelli proved that going vegan (or even eating vegan food occasionally) isn't boring on the tastebuds. Her cookbook features genius and clever vegan takes on favorites like burgers and chocolate chip cookies.

These are perfect if you're dining solo and need to store the other half of your avocado. The silicone "huggers" will keep them fresher longer—they come in two different sizes so you're all set for big and small ones.

If you're going to chop your veggies with those new knives, then you need something to cut them on. Think about how long you've had your cutting boards—it might be time for an upgrade. These eco-friendly bamboo boards come in a set of three, so you can have one for meats, veggies, and other items.

You might not have room for an electric steamer, but you can still enjoy those fresh veggies with your meal by using a silicone steamer basket. It's easy to use and folds up for compact storage.

You're going to need a peeler if you want to prep fruits and veggies with ease. This one is cool because it's for both righties and lefties. 

Making your own salad dressing can be a healthier option as a lot of store-bought versions have added ingredients that aren't so great for you (sugar, sodium, and artificial flavors). You can make your own and store in this handy container so you'll always have some on hand.

You probably have to use trash bags, so why not use ones that are compostable to give the environment some love? And like we said, doing your part to be more eco-friendly will help everyone's health out in the long-term.

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