6 Morning Rituals to Adopt This Year


Courtesy of Geri Hirsch

Geri Hirsch, founder of Because I'm Addicted, is a proud California girl—born and raised in Los Angeles. After finishing business school and feeling unfulfilled at her first serious job, she started blogging in 2005 as a creative outlet and has been doing it ever since. Nowadays, she loves sharing fashion inspiration, recipes, and lifestyle tips that feel good and are full of balance (think red wine with a side of dry brushing). You can find Geri and her wellness-obsessed husband in L.A., traveling, listening to old records, and planting in their organic garden. We're thrilled to have her on as a contributor for The/Thirty, where she'll be sharing her health, diet, and wellness pointers each month.

"New year, new you!" I don't love that phrase. It feels negative, as though we want to rid ourselves of the "old us" for some reason. Instead, I like the idea of loving our current selves and allowing room for new habits, goals, benchmarks, and change—on any day, at any time of the year. But with that said, a new year does present the perfect time to self-reflect and set some new goals. Some goals may be big, some may be small, some personal, some professional, but nonetheless, they all matter!

The goals you set at the beginning of the year can help define what your year will be like and where your energy will flow. Similarly, the way you spend your morning can impact your entire day. So, in an effort to lead a fulfilling 2018, why don't we all agree to set the same goal of adopting healthy morning rituals in an effort to start every day off on the right foot? Trust me—they will help work toward all the lofty New Year's resolutions we set for ourselves.

Keep reading for some positive morning rituals.