6 Morning Hacks You Need to Adopt, According to a Nike Master Trainer

Nike Master Trainer Kirsty Godso's Morning Routine


Courtesy of Kirsty Godso

If one of your big intentions for 2018 is to get your mornings into gear, we salute you. While starting the day off right is a gratifying pursuit, kicking a snooze button addiction can also be downright painful, especially when it's winter and hibernation seems like the only viable option.

But for some fitness pros, getting up before sunrise is a way of life—and early-morning motivation isn't optional. Consider fitness influencer, Panacea ambassador and Nike Master Trainer Kirsty Godso who often meets with clients as early as 6 a.m. Needless to say, she has her morning routine down to a science—which is why we asked her to reveal her most valuable tips.

From her failproof snooze alternative to the smoothie recipe she swears by, Godso shares her best morning hacks below.


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1. Shower, don't snooze.

"I spring out of bed and straight into a cold shower," says Godso. "I literally don't even give myself a second to contemplate snoozing." The trick is taking advantage of your groggy brain to just autopilot yourself out of bed into the cold water—by the time you're actually awake, you'll really be awake.

2. Fuel yourself for an early-morning workout, but save your proper breakfast for after the gym.


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"Six out of seven mornings of the week I'm training other people starting at 6 a.m., so while my preferred time of day to train is 5:30 a.m. before breakfast, my schedule pushes my workout time back a little," she says. "I usually get my workout in midmorning around 10:30 and have breakfast afterward. To keep me going until then, I make a whey protein shake before I leave home."

3. Have a roster of quick, filling, and tasty breakfasts to choose from.

That way you can just throw one of them together depending on your mood and know that it will keep you satisfied.

Godso's go-to meal is eggs, arugula, and avocado, but as mentioned, she also swears by a smoothie before her morning workout. Her favorite blend includes frozen blueberries, whey protein isolate powder, Vital Proteins' Collagen Peptides ($25), Moon Juice's Lucuma Powder ($20), ice, and water.

4. Hydrate however you see fit.

"Hydration is such a big part of my day," says Godso. "I drink around three liters of water a day and notice a huge shift in my energy if I fall shy of this quota."

But while water is certainly a given, know that tea and other natural alternatives certainly qualify too. "I am obsessed with the Pressed Juicery's lemon cayenne water," she says. "It isn't packed with sugar like juices—it's simply lemon, filtered water, and cayenne. I drink two or three a day."

5. Don't forget to work out your brain too.

For Godso, that means listening to podcasts and audiobooks on her morning commute and while working out. "It's one of my favorite parts of the day. It feels so good to be learning at the same time as kicking my butt in the gym and it actually helps me train even harder!"

6. Keep it streamlined.

The easiest way to set a bad tone for the day is to allow stress to creep into your morning, but the easiest way to sidestep that possibility is to establish a concrete, simplified routine that feels second nature. (That way, you're not running around trying to remember everything.)

"My morning routine is very express, as my early starts don't allow much time," says Godso. "I'm a big believer in simplifying, especially in the morning—whether that be with skincare, nutrition, and even conversation that you're plugging into. Take some time to check in with yourself and set some intentions for the day before you check Instagram, emails, etc. And don't underestimate the power of a good coffee!"

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