I Asked 3 (Very) Different Experts to Analyze My Favorite "Healthy" Breakfast

Some people have a general routine they like to stick to in the morning. For me, it's practically gospel: Between the hours of 7 a.m. and 12 p.m., I am the most habitual of creatures. I get up at the same exact time every day (to the point that I no longer need an alarm because my body just knows), and I flow through the same set of self-care rituals to ease me into my day. And for the past few years, barring travel, eating out, or other extenuating circumstances, I've had the same smoothie for breakfast—every single morning.

I'm not even entirely sure how this came to be, especially since I typically love variety in the foods I eat. My favorite smoothie is tasty, if not particularly life-changing. It's simple; it always kick-starts my digestion and helps me start my day on an energized note. It almost always keeps me full until lunch. But I'd guess its staying power has mostly to do with the fact that it's yet another morning ritual that has become second-nature to me at this point. I barely even have to think about it when I'm shopping for groceries—the ingredients practically land in my cart of their own accord.

But it occurred to me recently that while on paper, my smoothie has all the components of a highly nutritious, well-rounded breakfast, perhaps it could stand to be vetted by an actual professional. So I decided to call on three: In the interest of having a very well-rounded analysis, I sent my recipe to a nutritionist, a hormone expert, and an Ayurvedic practitioner to get their thoughts. Spoiler: I really need to switch things up. (But you were already thinking that, right?)