7 Herbs That Can Help Curb Anxiety, According to Science

It’s little wonder why we find ourselves reaching for herbal remedies for anxiety considering that four out of five adults feel stressed every week (and one in 10 of us are stressed all the time). Saying “I’m stressed” rolls off the tongue with as much ease as blurting out your Starbucks order, and it’s likely that whoever you’re talking to will barely bat an eyelid at your statement. And if they do, chances are the conversation could well spiral into a stress-off, where whoever involved will list off everything that’s causing them to feel anxious and under pressure until both parties crumble and end up feeling more depressed than they were to begin with.

Anxiety is characterized by that tight feeling in your chest, a gurgling tummy, shallow breathing, clammy hands, and dry mouth. No one wants to experience that on a daily basis, and for some, it can escalate into dizziness, heart palpitations, panic attacks, and bouts of insomnia. And while many choose to counteract these symptoms under the guidance of a medical professional, it's unsurprising that there’s also a growing interest in using herbal remedies to cure anxiety. Chiming in with our yearning for more natural plant-based problem solvers, these teas, tinctures, and tablets won’t affect your gut health, will rebalance both your mind and your body, and can be taken on a regular basis. (Just check in with your doc before making any drastic changes to your routine.)

Read on to discover the herbs that will ward off your worries.

On that note, learn more about how herbs can improve your well-being.

This story was originally published on Byrdie UK.