Feeling That 3 P.M. Slump? Try These Herbs for Energy

Sleep is a rare commodity. We're just busy people trying to maintain a healthy work/life balance, but sometimes we slip and sacrifice catching much-needed z's. One obvious way to keep your energy up when you're tired is to drink coffee. But if you're looking for something a little more natural and not as caffeine-heavy, we suggest looking into herbs. In powder, drink, or capsule form, herbs can easily be mixed with your everyday diet. We did the research and found five herbs for energy boosts when you need them most; keep on reading for the lowdown (As always, just remember to check with your doc before making any drastic changes to your routine—and definitely do so if you're already on prescription medication, since herbal interaction can alter the effects.)


Maca is known for its ability to balance hormones and increase your focus and energy levels. This powder version allows you to easily mix it into food and drinks and incorporate it into your daily diet.


Its technical name is rhodiola rosea, and it specifically reduces the effects of fatigue and stress. It can also improve brain activity when tired. Take this supplement twice a day with food or water.

Green Tea

Green tea does have caffeine in it, but it also has more health benefits than coffee does because of its higher antioxidant content. It's probably the easiest switch you can make if you're looking for a coffee substitute.