This Startup Wants to Fix the Broken Women's-Sexual-Health System



Last year, New Yorkers had their morning commutes on the MTA disrupted by suggestive advertisements for Hims, a direct-to-consumer wellness brand established by Andrew Dudum with a mission to help men address their less-than-desirable health issues such as hair loss and sexual dysfunction. This month, the company has expanded its reach by launching a line called Hers that targets women's health issues related to sex, skin, and hair.

Hilary Coles, the brand lead at Hers, explained that it’s overall mission is to enable women to “make the most important choices of their well-being without any judgment, obstacles, what have you in the way.” She adds, “We want to be that trusted resource for women, and we didn’t see one in the market like this that can help you understand all of your options when you have health concerns and guide you toward the most efficient and reputable way of taking care of those options.”

Hers aims to fix what it views as a broken process in the American healthcare system by “connecting women directly with trusted physicians across the country so that they can take care of themselves where they want and need to.” Essentially, the brand is committed to providing solutions so no woman is left behind due to factors beyond her control, whether it’s a lack of accessibility or affordability. It’s “putting the purchasing power back in women’s hands,” as Coles likes to say. Even though Hims was founded by a man and specifically for men, the team behind it was predominately made up of women, so branching out into this new territory wasn’t necessarily a reach by any means. Coles and her colleagues spent the past year doing market research to fully develop Hers while also building the foundation for an established network that contains 120 doctors across the U.S.