15 High-Waisted Yoga Pants to Add to Cart

15 High Waisted Yoga Pants to Add to Cart



Picture this scenario: You're in a yoga class really getting into the groove and feeling yourself, and boom, your leggings are starting to roll down at the waistband. You think, "Eh, maybe I can get away with it," but the longer you hold your pose or try to push forward with the flow, the more and more uncomfortable it gets. You can't stop thinking about adjusting your leggings!

If you know this exact feeling, then you know how annoying it is. And this can happen in any type of workout. When your activewear doesn't fit right, is uncomfortable, or has to be adjusted with every move you make, it can really disrupt your workout and leave you frustrated.

The solution to this problem is actually pretty simple: invest in a pair of high-waisted leggings. The wide band will stay put, and if it has the right compression, you'll feel extra supported. Plus, they look flattering on just about anyone. Need to be convinced? Take a look at some of our favorite high-waisted yoga pants below.

These leggings are made of super-soft fabric that manages to have a compressive fit. Bonus points: They have side pockets to hold your keys and phone.

You can wear these to just about any yoga class, but they're especially helpful for hot yoga sessions thanks to the sweat-wicking fabric. The leggings also sculpt and smooth, so they fit just right.

Outdoor Voices' Flow Leggings are made of the softest fabric, so you'll be extra comfortable whether you're wearing them to a yoga class or lounging around your home.

You can wear these leggings to any type of workout—really. They're compressive and squat-proof and have handy pockets for your stuff. If you don't know already, all of Girlfriend Collective's leggings are made from recycled water bottles.

These ankle-length leggings have smooth, flatlock seaming, so you won't have to deal with uncomfortable rubbing or chafing. The fabric is stretchy and moisture wicking.

Flared yoga pants are making a comeback, so why not get ahead of the trend? These ones from Amazon's Core 10 brand are totally customizable. You can choose the inseam, size, and waistband style for the perfect fit.

While these leggings are made of extra-soft fabric, you won't have to worry about them not being supportive or compressive enough. The high waistband has got you. They also have SPF 30 UV protection.

Okay there's the high waist and then there's the ultra-high waist—and that's what these leggings are. These are designed for yoga with breathable, buttery-soft fabric with four-way stretch.

Made from stretchy ribbed fabric, this pair is super comfortable and easy to move in.

Another flared option, these leggings have a waistband with a mesh inner lining and ribbed details that will provide support and stay put.

The mesh details on these leggings serve two purposes. One, they're on-trend and will have you standing out. Two, think about how breathable this pair is.

These capri-length leggings are smoothing and have no side seams. They're also moisture wicking and odor resistant.

These have a comfortable and supportive waistband, so you can wear them to the yoga studio and any other classes. Plus, check out the pockets!

These leggings were designed for yoga, but they still have Nike's amazing Dri-Fit technology, so you don't have to worry about sweating during a hot yoga session. There are subtle lace details at the ankle and on the legs for breathability.

These leggings are made with a lightweight, stretchy jacquard fabric that's supposed to feel like a second skin. You'll be able to move freely in this pair.

Other Yoga Accessories We Love

Everyone has to have a trusted yoga mat, even if you don't do much yoga. I like using my Alo mat for other workouts like Pilates or strength training.

Yoga blocks can help you get deeper into poses and correct your form and can provide some stability. This cork one from Manduka is both lightweight and sturdy.

A strap will help you with certain poses, but it's also a great tool if you just need a good stretch after sitting at a desk all day.

A yoga blanket comes in handy for some comfort during poses, especially during restorative classes. This one is made of 100% recycled materials.

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