4 Reasons Hilary Duff Is Our Favorite Millennial Plant Lady

Calling all millennial plant lovers: We have found our leader, and she's been right in front of us this entire time!

Hilary Duff, TV star, newlywed, and mother of two, was spotted out and about in Los Angeles in an A+ leather jacket, smart sneakers, and a slew of new succulents to add to her growing plant collection. This caught our eye not only for all the reasons mentioned above but also because celebrities (they're just like us!) love low-maintenance plants too.

In case you missed it, Duff has been sharing peeks into her plant-lady lifestyle on Instagram for years. Scrolling back through her fashionable and family-focused feed, we spotted several cute moments in which Duff and her brood are basking in the moment and surrounded by greenery. Not only were plants the backdrop of her gorgeous December 2019 wedding to music producer Matthew Koma, but they were also featured prominently in photos of Christmas tree shopping, a date night, and, of course, a cute selfie at the plant store.

Keep scrolling for four reasons Duff is our favorite millennial plant lady plus several easy-to-care-for plants that will help brighten up your space.

1. She's Sweet on Succulents



Case in point: Duff smiles as she carries an assortment of succulents (yes, cacti are part of the succulent family!) home. Perhaps these are for a high shelf in baby Banks's nursery? 

This is a great starter pack for anyone just barely getting into the plant game. 

Cacti are cute and easy to care for, but keep them out of reach from kids and pets.

We love the look of a cactus-and-succulent combo. 

You could also go all in and commit to a few crazy cacti. 

2. She Loves Lush Leaves



Duff and Koma brought their shared love for plants into the intimate garden setting of their wedding. We love the lush flora and fauna used for the photo backdrop. 

Trust us, you cannot kill this sturdy plant. 

Every plant person has at least one monstera, right?

Give your fiddle-leaf fig plenty of room to grow and flourish. 

This Pilea plant looks like a close cousin of the lily pad. 

3. She Enjoys an Easy Evergreen



Duff keeps it real with unfussy plants that fit in with her fun family. It looks like both Banks and Luca were having a blast while Christmas tree shopping!

Did you know you could get a pint-sized palm? Perfect for anyone who lives in NYC but secretly wishes they were in L.A.

This sturdy ficus needs to be pruned every once in a while. 

Snakeskin is in, especially in green. 

A plant with fun, plentiful leaves that is hard to kill? We'll take two. 

We're seeing red in the best possible way. 

Give this plant a little love and you'll be rewarded with big-time blooms. 

4. She Prioritizes Plant-Lady Essentials



Duff captioned this photo, "When I take them plant shopping," so you know her hobby is a regular family affair—even if she's the only one really into it. 

This copper watering can is chic enough to leave on display. 

Succulents like a gentle mist, and with this spill-proof container, kids can get in on the plant watering action too. 

But be sure to leave the pruning to the adults!

Repotting your plants every once in a while helps to refresh the soil and encourage growth. Plus, with planters this elegant, you'll want an excuse to change up your décor.