We Tried It: 4 Salt Cures That Promise to Detoxify and Relax



In my years of interviewing celebrities, health experts, and influencers about their go-to wellness rituals, salt has been almost as ubiquitous as the infuriatingly canned adage, "I drink a lot of water." Nutritionists swear by pink Himayalan salt for its high mineral content; models and athletes love ending the day in an Epsom salt bath. In the often pricey and overwrought world of mass-marketed wellness, salt is refreshingly simply, cheap, readily available, and highly beneficial. (Even just breathing salty air can cleanse your respiratory system and relieve stress.)

While it's easy enough to reap these benefits at home, the industry has naturally caught on—and now, we're seeing more and more unique options for those who want to take their interest in the matter to the next level. From sensory deprivation tanks to "salty yoga," we're counting down four different kinds of salt treatments we've tried ourselves—and whether they were really worth it.