6 All-Natural Ways to Feel Better If You Overindulged at a Holiday Dinner

The holiday season is synonymous with cozy sweaters, Hallmark channel movies, and, of course, overindulging in food and drink. Cue the shrugging emoji. Even if you read all the tips and tricks for eating healthy over the holidays, the occasional overindulgence is practically inevitable. In fact, we encourage it. However, we also recognize that sometimes it can cause you to feel really bloated—like you went from zero to Violet Beauregarde as a blueberry. And that is, to put it mildly, no fun.

"Salt attracts water ions (as does sugar, indirectly, because insulin is hydrophilic), and you're usually consuming way more salt/sugar than usual at these holiday meals," Monica Auslander Moreno, MS, RD, LD/N, nutrition consultant for RSP Nutrition says. "Portion sizes also escalate dramatically, and your stomach actually is a muscle, so stretching it will feel odd if it receives a larger amount of food. Couple that with increased intake of alcohol, which also can cause bloat (and dehydration), and you've got a perfect blimpy body storm." Hashtag relatable—and now that you know why you feel puffy from holiday foods, here are seven all-natural ways to de-bloat.