PSA: The Holidays Can Seriously F*ck With Your Hormones

You know how when you were younger, you'd watch adults be so excited to unwrap a Crock-Pot or Le Creuset dinnerware and you'd swear, That'll never be me? Then one year, out of nowhere, you unwrap a blender and legitimately think it's the best gift you've ever been given? That timing usually coincides with the sad realization that the holidays are incredibly stressful. Welcome to adulthood; you now love practical gifts, and the holiday season is filled with existential dread and random members of your family trying to understand what your "internet job" is. As if you needed another thing to stress about, the holidays can throw the already delicate balance of your hormones out of whack. Cool. (Not.)

There are a variety of ways the holidays can mess up your hormones, says Suzie Welsh, registered IVF and fertility nurse, adjunct professor at Villanova, and founder of Binto. Stress, unhealthy food choices, and booze all can play a factor. Here, her tips for keeping your hormones in check and surviving the holiday season.