You Always Forget to Buy These Things, so We Made You a List

The Ultimate Shopping List for Home and Grocery Essentials


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You know those times when you tell yourself you're going to get toilet paper and toothpaste at the store, and then you finally make it to the store, fill your cart, pay, leave, and make it home only to realize you FORGOT the toilet paper and toothpaste? This happens to me more often than not, and it's one of the greatest frustrations in life for me. Anyone with me?

With that in mind, and to keep you from encountering this misfortune (and save you time), we made a list of common household and grocery items that seem to always be on your shopping to-dos but never seem to make it into your cart. See below, room by room.


Dish Soap

When you're down to the last drop and can't clean your dishes, you know it's a problem. The same goes for dishwasher detergent (if you have a dishwasher, and in which case, I'm jealous).

Paper Towels

Kitchen towels are eco-friendlier (and technically, since they're reusable, you can never run out of those), but sometimes you need some paper towels on hand.

Olive Oil

Or any other cooking oil, really. Somehow I always forget to grab a bottle when I'm out, and I only remember when I've made it out the grocery store doors and am too lazy to go back.

Trash Bags

Raise your hand if you've been down to your last trash bag and had filled it to the brim, and it looked like it would overflow at any moment.


This is another pantry staple people seem to forget a lot. Hopefully, if you're reading this while grocery shopping, it will help jog your memory.


What's with the dairy aisle? Eggs and milk are always top of my grocery list but at the bottom of my memory.


When was the last time you changed your sponge? Yeah, thought so.

Water Filter

Again, when was the last time you changed your water filter? Grab a multi-pack for next time.

Sandwich Bags

Sandwich bags are so versatile. Use them for meal prep, your lunches, travel, etc. We love these reusable ones because you'll never run out, and you can put them in the dishwasher to clean.

Flour, Sugar, Etc.

Or any kind of essential baking ingredient or condiment. For example, honey has been on my grocery list for the past month, but I keep forgetting to grab a bottle.


Toilet Paper

Oh, the struggle of walking into your bathroom and seeing an empty toilet paper roll.


When your dental hygiene is at stake, you've got to buy that value pack of toothpaste so you have a backup when you run out.


Okay, again, when was the last time you changed your razor blade? That stuff can get rusty and grimy!

Hand Soap

Want to keep a germ-free (or close to it) household? Make sure you've got enough hand soap to wash your hands frequently.

Nail Polish Remover

It's always good to keep a bottle on hand for when your manicure has seen better days and you need to start fresh.


I've been guilty of being at the very last drop of shampoo and trying desperately to squeeze the bottle with all my strength.


The above rings true for conditioner, too. Best to buy both at the same time.


At this point, I feel like a broken record, but when was the last time you swapped your toothbrush? The American Dental Association recommends you change your toothbrush every three to four months, or when the bristles are frayed, as they won't be as effective at cleaning your teeth.



If you've been meaning to change out your flat pillows but haven't gotten around to it, you might want to think twice—for the sake of your sleep (and hygiene). The National Sleep Foundation recommends you change your pillow every one to two years because they absorb body oil, dead skin cells, and hair, and when flat, they won't support your head or neck properly.


Listen, if you want to use the hangers you get from the dry cleaners, I'm not here to judge. But I'm always putting away my clothes after doing laundry and wishing I had more hangers but forgetting to add them to my running checklist of things I need to buy for my apartment.

Living Room


They're not exactly a necessity and not necessarily something that you would remember to buy, but they're a nice touch and will protect your surfaces.

Tech Wranglers

We are living in the digital age, which is convenient in so many ways, but with that comes a lot of tangled wires. I'm also always trying to make sense of the wires near my TV, so this is the day I'm going to get them in order.


Light Bulbs

You never know when one is going to burn out, and then you could have a dark room for a while before you remember to buy a bulb the next time you're at the store. Here's your ticket out of the darkness.


These are just good to have on hand for flashlights or remotes or other random battery-operated things you have in your home.

Laundry Detergent

When you've got zero clean underwear left, the last thing you want to encounter when you've finally mustered the energy and time to do laundry is an empty laundry detergent bottle.

Pain Medications

This one is for your next headache (or hangover). I recently went through a painful morning after indulging in some wine that might have been better if I had some ibuprofen on hand, but my medicine cabinet was empty.


It's a first-aid must-have, and if you already used up all the ones that were in the emergency kit your mom gave you, it might be time to stock up on some more.

Rubber Gloves

Rubber gloves might not be at the top of your cleaning supplies list, but they should be. You'll protect your hands (from dryness and germs) by using them the next time you're doing a deep clean. 


Oh come on, you need one of these in case of an emergency. This is when the batteries we mentioned above will come in handy.


You might not be into snail mail as much now, but it's always good to keep a couple of stamps on hand, for mailing out your rent check or birthday cards.

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