The Surprising Ways Your Body Changes After Going Through Divorce

I'd never met Channing Tatum nor his soon-to-be-former wife Jenna Dewan. I knew nothing about their relationship except for what I saw on television, Instagram, or read in interviews. But it was just a few weeks ago that they were showing the world their clownish mugs after their daughter, Everly, had painted all over their faces and just a little over a year ago that they re-created their Step Up dance in honor of the film's anniversary, the very set where they met and fell in love. They seemed like one of the few celebrity couples that were in it for the long haul—nothing could break their seemingly undeniable bond. Although I swore the same was true for Chris Pratt and Anna Faris.

In their divorce statements, both couples insisted they still loved each other and that their amicable split was ending in friendship. But both Anna and Jenna have admitted that what you see on Instagram is a polished highlight reel of the entirety of their relationship, so life after divorce could likely mirror the same cherry-picked facade. Look at Jen and Ben. And Brad and Angelina. Celebrity splits are fascinating, especially when they give you whiplash. But given their secretive nature, it isn't a fair comparison for couples who aren't able to craft their image or maintain their privacy. Divorce is often gut-wrenching, complicated (not to mention, expensive), and affects much more than your emotions—it takes a toll on you physically.