There's a Really Simple Way to Avoid a Wine Hangover, According to a Sommelier

If you enjoy a glass (or two) of wine on a regular basis, you know the trade-off to that signature cozy buzz is the dull headache that settles in the following morning. It's enough of a nuisance that a growing crop of "natural," organic, and biodynamic wines are being marketed as a hangover-free option. And while it's not necessarily that simple, there is some truth to it all.

But really, evading a wine headache is just a nice side effect of making a conscious choice for both your body and the planet. Just as you likely pay mind to the food you consume and where it's coming from, the wine you drink carries its own set of health and environmental repercussions. The trick, of course, is knowing how to weed through the misinformation and shop for the right bottle. (Spoiler: Sulfites aren't necessarily causing your hangover.)

To learn more, we deferred to Heather Gordon, a writer and certified sommelier. Below, she reveals the difference between "natural" and biodynamic and how to actually nip your wine headache in the bud. (Shop her three favorite natural wines, too.)