This Is How the World's Most Successful People Get It All Done

Productivity is a tricky skill to master, especially in a world where cat videos, mildly funny memes, and scrolling Instagram sneak so easily into our days. But if procrastination is a foe you know only too well, we’ve got just the thing you need—a breakdown of the productivity hacks some of the world’s most successful people use daily.

We’ve all been there, facing a busy day or week but struggling to keep your brain in gear. Or sitting on top of a huge to-do list and not knowing where to start—so you don’t for at least an hour and then wonder why you’ve wasted so much time already. Being more productive is a skill, and what works can depend on many factors not least your personality. So we’re here to help you master it once and for all. Keep scrolling for productivity tips that have already worked for super-successful people.

This story was originally published on Byrdie UK.