26 Ridiculously Easy Ways to Live a More Sustainable Lifestyle



The more I learn about the issues plaguing our environment, the more infuriated I am by the fact that taking steps to protect the beautiful planet on which we reside is not hard. The sad truth is that most of us aren't necessarily apathetic, but we're misinformed: It's not that we don't care about the environment, we just also think that living sustainably enough to make a difference requires a serious lifestyle overhaul.

In reality, every little bit counts. Objects as seemingly innocuous as bottle caps and straws can disrupt entire ecosystems, so why is it so hard to believe that on the flip side, we can't enact positive change in the countless choices we make every day? Living a more sustainable lifestyle can be as simple as swapping your water bottle for a reusable variety or promising to only buy your eggs and produce from the farmers market. Adopting just one of these habits is an incredibly positive thing—and chances are that once it becomes a ritual, you'll start to think about what else you can do.

And for that, we have plenty of inspiration. Keep reading for a list of easy ways you can live more sustainably. (Have more ideas? DM us on Instagram.)