What You Need to Know About Going Vegan

So you're doing this vegan thing. Cool! Me, too. For about three years now. Welcome, friend. It can be tough at first to go from the land of milk, burgers, and convenience to the land of acai bowls, cauliflower wings, and judgment, but after a while, you're gonna love it here, I promise.

There's no doubt about it, though. Adopting a vegan lifestyle is challenging, especially in the beginning. "Eliminating all animal sources of food from your diet requires more than just discipline," says plant-based personal chef and author Angelique Santana, founder of Eat with Angelique. It's not like other "diets," after all. It really is a lifestyle that comes with a certain ethical responsibility as well as benefits to your health. There's a lot at stake.

We're here to make your journey to becoming vegan a successful and long-term one. To offer the easiest and most effective advice possible, we tapped Santana, as well as a trusted dietitian with lots of experience helping people transition to plant-based living. They put together this simple, digestible guide to going vegan once and for all. Keep scrolling for their five key tips.