Here's What You Need to Know About Fertility in Your 20s

A friend of mine recently summed things up to me pretty accurately: "The next 10 years of our lives are going to be insane," she told me wide-eyed over margaritas. This prediction was not the result of any specific life event but the sole fact that we're both in our late 20s. It's the time when many of us are advancing our careers, settling into relationships that are more meaningful than ever, and attending weddings at an alarming clip. In other words, we're growing up.

For some of us, that means that the idea of having kids doesn't seem quite so distant anymore. In fact, it might be part of those next 10 years. Even if pregnancy isn't exactly top-of-mind, it's never a bad idea to ensure that you're in tip-top shape for when the time comes.

First things first: It's in your best interest to visit your ob-gyn regularly to ensure that everything looks good. They'll also be able to tell you if you have any risk factors to keep in mind for fertility later on, like PCOS or scar tissue.

But for some more holistic pointers, we turned to ob-gyn Lakeisha Richardson, MD. Find her tips below for ensuring that your fertility is in tip-top shape, even if you're not thinking about kids just yet.