Here's How to Indulge Without Screwing Up Your Metabolism

From Halloween to a never-ending stream of white-elephant parties, family gatherings, and holiday toasts of all kinds, juggling a healthy routine this time of year can feel downright overwhelming. That's why our first inclination might be to overcompensate, whether it's by skipping lunch to "save room" for the office holiday bonanza later that evening or forgoing Thanksgiving pie altogether.

But the truth is if you're hoping to keep your metabolism running efficiently all season long—and thus make it easier to bounce back into your regular routine once January rolls around—your best bet is actually to partake in as many of the season's indulgences as you'd like while also maintaining healthy habits between the festivities. Deprivation won't just make you hungrier later on; it can also trigger a hormonal and blood sugar imbalance (more on that later), which tends to be the real culprit behind a sluggish metabolism. Since other side effects include stress and moodiness, you probably won't exactly be the picture of holiday cheer, either.

So in the interest of quite literally having our cake and eating it too, we asked a couple of experts for their pointers on partaking in all the candy, cookie platters, and champagne flutes that come our way without throwing our bodies totally out of whack. Get their tips below.