How to Build a Training Schedule When You Don't Know Where to Begin

Nicole Loher is a triathlete, Adidas ambassador, and all-around fitness guru, all while balancing a badass day job in the fashion industry (and several side gigs to boot). Needless to say, she's an inspiration in the art of hustling—and she's totally game to share her knowledge. Follow her column, Part-Time Athlete, for her expert advice on everything from establishing a training regimen to finding early-morning gym motivation.



It’s often said that success is where preparation and opportunity meet. As someone who has placed in triathlons, I know that the preparation part can be the most crucial part and, quite honestly, the most daunting part, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing! For many of my race seasons, I built my own training plans, inclusive of strength and endurance training, and for many of those seasons, I placed in those races. While a lot of it felt like a coin toss at the time, there were a lot of learnings.

Whether you’re looking to jump-start your fitness goals and get to the gym three times a week or compete in your first race, check out a few helpful tips below.