How to Change Your Relationship With Food and Overhaul Your Diet—for Good



"Diet"—it's the four-letter word hated by junk-food lovers and nutritionists alike because it's come to imply one thing: deprivation. We all know deprivation—remember that time you vowed to cut out all processed sugar and name your first child Stevia? Or that time you forcefully denounced all starches and tattooed the word "kale" on your arm?

Okay, you might not have taken it that far, but most of us have a "been there, done that" feeling about deprivation diets at this point. They never work. As THE/THIRTY contributor and nutritionist Kelly LeVeque puts it, "Deprivation is a binge in the bank." With this in mind, we sat down with LeVeque to pick her brain about how to create a healthy relationship with food that sticks.

Read on for her advice on how to completely change your diet in 30 days—and more importantly, how to change your relationship with food for good.