Hollywood's Most Zen Women Tell Us Their Secrets for Dealing With Stress

Talking about mental health is thankfully becoming less and less taboo. And though we still have a long way to go, the ability to relate to seemingly perfect Hollywood figures on issues like stress and anxiety can be a really positive thing. Yes, it's cool to be inspired by the aspirational beauty looks and glamorous lifestyles of celebrities like Nicole Kidman and Mandy Moore, but it's also important to remember that they're humans who deal with serious pressure (e.g., the world's eyes fixated on their every move, or having multimillion-dollar projects riding on their backs). We've had the privilege of speaking with a bunch of Hollywood mainstays over the last year or two, and the topic of how they cope with stress often comes up. Today, we're rounding up our favorite tips from some of entertainment's most zen A-listers. Keep scrolling to read their astute anti-stress advice.

There you have it—a few new ideas to try next time you're feeling especially stressed.