8 Ways to Detox Your Body Within Hours—Yes, It's Possible



We'll be the first to admit just how easy it can be to overdo it on a night of drinking or eating out. So when the "just one more" mentality, whether it be one more glass of wine or another handful of chips, leads to three or four or five more, we wake up feeling sluggish and in need of some detoxing. Sound familiar?

Well, just because you may be feeling like you're in a rut doesn't mean you have to turn to extreme detox methods to get your body back to up to speed. In fact, it can be as easy as eating certain foods over others and taking a few extra supplements. To find out how to detox fast, we spoke with clinical nutritionist Sam Franceschini, who admitted that it's not all about going on some crazy green juice binge. "You've probably heard these before, but some of the best (and easiest) ways to detox quickly involve getting great sleep and drinking a big glass of lemon water in the morning."

We rounded up eight easy ways to detox within the span of a day or so. Read through the following dietitian-recommended tips to quickly hit the reset button and detox your body naturally—in just 24 hours or less.