Editor's Letter: When Unplugging Is Unreasonable

To me, the prospect of shutting off my phone for hours on end induces more anxiety than fielding urgent work emails at 9pm. The concept of a digital detox, while nice in theory, simply doesn't jibe with our modern existence—nor does the notion that technology is categorically bad for us.

It's something that hits really close to home for those of us at The/Thirty HQ, since we're internet-dwelling editors who also happen to be passionate about wellness. Why can't we have both? And better yet, how can we use technology to bolster a healthy lifestyle, instead of only worrying how it might take away from it?


That's exactly where this month's #MyNextThirty goal takes us. We'll talk about unplugging, sure, but in small ways that fit easily into a busy, digital-driven lifestyle. It's not deleting Instagram, but figuring out a way to be more productive with your time on social media. It's not quitting technology cold-turkey for 24 hours, but maybe switching your phone to airplane mode before bed.

And we'll talk about the good stuff too, like cultivating amazing friendships on Instagram, why you shouldn't feel guilty about being a bad texter, and the wellness apps we swear by. Got an idea or question you'd like us to cover? Slide on in to our DMs—we'd love to hear from you.

Double-taps all around,

Victoria Hoff, Managing Editor

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