2 of Our Favorite Health Gurus Explain How to Ease Back Into a Fitness Routine

We're just a little over halfway through February. We know it's status quo to wake up January 1 (or depending on your hangover, January 2) guns blazing with a brand-new pair of sneakers, a fridge stocked with Technicolor food choices, and lofty wellness goals like daily meditation, eight hours of sleep, 10,000 steps, less drinking, more loving—you get the idea. But we also know (from firsthand experience) that sometimes those ambitious goals aren't necessarily realistic, and sometimes we might even feel so blah or off-kilter post-holiday, vacation, major life event, etc., we forgo a plan altogether.

If we've learned anything over the years, it's that different seasons of life often call for different seasons of wellness. And that's perfectly okay and normal. We shouldn't put pressure on ourselves to conform to the goals and wellness trends and achievements society often prescribes with pressure. Rather, we should assess how we're feeling emotionally and physically, and then determine if we're making lifestyle choices that are helping us to feel our best. Sometimes this may actually mean easing up on an aggressive fitness routine or too-strict diet, and other times it may mean amping up our commitment to our gym membership or the outer rim of our local grocer.

Personally, I came out of 2018 feeling like a foreign version of myself. I'd let my fitness routine slide, was a little erratic with my diet (although switching to a mostly plant-based diet toward the end of the year significantly helped my symptoms), and just felt blah overall. Of course, social media and specifically Instagram like to make us feel as if it's totally easy to snap back into a fitness routine, but realistically, it can feel anything but. I was lucky enough to already have a gym membership in place (Equinox, I love you) and ClassPass à la carte, so by putting in a little extra time to map out a plan each week, I've been able to get back into the habit of an almost-daily workout routine. And right now, that feels really good.

That said, there have been times in my life where the transition hasn't been as easy, and I frequently am asked for advice on what to do if someone doesn't have a gym, any previous experience working out regularly, or the resources commonly associated with cultivating a new workout routine. Since I'm in no way an expert, I thought I'd reach out to two of our favorite health and wellness gurus over here at The/Thirty, Katrina Scott and Karena Dawn from Tone It Up—a community of women (as their awesome website explains) that inspire and support one another to live a fit, happy, and healthy life. Ahead, read the duo's best tips and tricks for easing back into a fitness routine.