How to Trick Your Brain Into Loving Running

Ally Love is a certified health coach, fitness model, NBA host, and Peloton instructor. She's also the founder of Love Squad, an online destination created to empower women through fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

Three years ago, I started my running journey. Previously I couldn't even make it one mile without stopping. As a former professional dancer and studio-workout junkie, I'd never bothered with running—it seemed quite tedious and boring. In fact, it took some coercion by a close friend to sign up for a half-marathon. I can't say my first half-marathon was enjoyable, but after eight more plus a couple 10ks, I can finally say I'm totally in love with running.

While I usually find pleasure in hitting the pavement, I've definitely experienced times when I don't, times when I've fallen off the wagon and am not sure if I'll ever get back on. But as with most things, somehow I always do—thanks in part to a few habits that I fall back on to get me motivated again. Here are three simple tricks to help you enjoy running, whether you're trying to get into it for the first time or want to reestablish the habit.