How to Fall Asleep in 5 Minutes Flat

Sleep statistics tell us that almost 80% of Americans are underslept—and taking too long to doze off is among the top sleep issues reported. According to Sujay Kansagra, MD, the resident sleep health expert at Mattress Firm and director of Duke’s Pediatrics Neurology Sleep Medicine Program, most adults who are receiving the average recommended seven to nine hours should fall asleep within five to 15 minutes. Folks who take much longer than that could be struggling with a sleep disorder or derailing their ability to nod off in a timely manner with caffeine, exercise, or electronics before bed.

However, Chris Winter, MD, a board-certified neurologist and sleep specialist, says that stress and anxiety are the most widespread factors keeping people up at night. Having a hard time falling asleep at night is extremely common, but luckily, there are a few doctor-approved techniques for helping you drift off faster and get in more hours overall. It's important to note, however, that falling asleep in five minutes is about the fastest you should aim for: According to Kansagra, falling asleep any quicker than that is a sign of exhaustion, so if you're conking out immediately, that's actually a bad thing.

Now, onto our expert tips. Keep scrolling for five easy, helpful ways to fall asleep faster.