10 Small Things You Can Do Right This Very Moment to Ease Your Anxiety

Alexis Novak is a yoga instructor, NASM-CPT, and mobility enthusiast. As a contributor for THE/THIRTY, Alexis will be sharing her knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics, and meditation to help you find your own personal balance between strength and serenity. Her approach to wellness is to simplify and keep a sense of humor. This month, she's sharing 10 simple, free acts of self-love you can do to instantly boost your mood. Read up!

"I need to get dressed and go outside: a memoir." Sound familiar? There are days, maybe once every few months, where I feel like I really can't get a grip. I feel irritable for no reason, I feel sad about what could have been, and all I want to do is sleep all day. But all of that is sandwiched between waves of guilt about feeling down and depressed because my life is concretely great; I am fortunate. It's a tough dichotomy to sift through when these pangs of depression and hollowness pop up. Thoughts like, When will I ever have money? Why won't [insert name] text me back? Is my social media pointless? whirl in an endless loop. If I sit long enough and dig deep enough, chances are I am seeking validation or confirmation that I am "good" or "worthy" through outside sources, and I have learned enough by now that none of that really helps remedy those unexplainable and heavy emotional aches that arise.

So what do I do when these bouts of anguish creep in? I can look online for ways to feel better in my body, and all of the solutions are resourceful but take time to attain: eating more greens, starting a meditation practice, or trying a colonic are all things that I don't disagree may help me (minus maybe the colonic, but that's another story). But what about right now? What about right in this moment when I'm feeling down?

With that in mind, I've compiled a list of small, doable, free, micro activities you can engage in to give your cup a few more drops toward being full, without using the internet or your phone. Keep scrolling to see!