I Was Warned This Natural De-Bloating Elixir Was "Very Serious"—So I Tried It



"De-bloating," "all-natural," "overnight": These three phrases are individually very appealing to any health-and-wellness guru, but when strung together in the same sentence, it almost seems too good to be true. Bloating and how to get rid of it are subjects we cover a lot on Byrdie, simply because so many of us deal with them and, dramatic as it sounds, feeling all internally swollen can be the difference between having a good day and having a garbage day when you don't want to see anyone or even get out of bed. What's worse is that because the kinds and causes of bloating are so manifold, the problem can be difficult to fix.

"There are two types of bloating—one is caused by gas, and the other is caused by water retention," explained Mark Curry, a beauty expert, former science teacher, and founder of UK beauty company Be for Beauty (which you can think of as the Deciem of England). Excess gas in the abdomen can be caused by anything from eating too fast to consuming high-fiber foods to excessive sodium in your diet. Then, water retention (aka, "an excessive buildup of deadweight water in body tissues and cavities") can come from plenty of potentially uncontrollable sources including the natural physiology of your blood capillaries, heart, and kidneys, but also poor diet (not enough protein, too much salt), low physical activity, and PMS. These aren't all the things that can make you bloat, of course. Fluctuations in food sensitives can do it. A glass or two of champagne can do it. Sometimes I think just looking sideways at a cube of cheese can make you bloat.

In the long run, experimenting with your diet and lifestyle habits to find the root cause and making adjustments, whether they involve taking probiotics or quitting booze, can certainly make a big difference in how easily you bloat. But, ugh… What about those days when you wake up with a belly full of bubbles knowing you have to wear something tight later and just want to get rid of the bloat ASAP?