How to Cleanse Your Home Without Actually Getting Rid of Anything



If spring-cleaning is on your March agenda, then you're likely thinking about how to purge your life of anything you've deemed unnecessary. While we have a tendency to take this quite literally this time of year, though, it's also a great opportunity to think about it in a more abstract way: If you're getting rid of everything that doesn't serve you, why not extend that mindset to stagnant or negative energy?

Energy clearing is a form of alternative healing that uses mindfulness to help address and release blockages that are cluttering up your mind and, by extension, your larger environment—and vice versa. When you live in the same space on a daily basis, it's easy to feel stuck or stagnant, and energy clearing is a way to basically shift residual emotions or memories so that your home feels inspiring and fresh again. If this all sounds terribly woo-woo, look at it this way: Psychologically, our homes are reflections of ourselves, and taking the time to observe the feelings that might be holding you back—and show gratitude for everything else—is a great way to shift your perspective without actually changing much in your space.

"The more conscious and intentional you are with your energy in your home, the more your home will reciprocate," says Lili Pettit, a professional organizer. Through her business, Clutter Healing, Pettit utilizes alternative healing methods like energy clearing and reiki for a more holistic approach to organizing and cleaning. The first thing to know about her approach? It's actually not as complicated or out-there as it might initially seem. Below, she shares how to clear out stagnant or negative energy at home for your freshest start yet.