How to Ground Yourself in 30 Seconds or Less


Courtesy of Alexis Novak

Alexis Novak is a yoga instructor, NASM-CPT, and mobility enthusiast. As a contributor for THE/THIRTY, Alexis will be sharing her knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics, and meditation to help you find your own personal balance between strength and serenity. Her approach to wellness is to simplify and keep a sense of humor. This month, she shares how to ground yourself quickly—even in the face of chaos.

After the days, weeks, months, and year we've had, I have ample inspiration and fuel to write this. Devastating news is constantly being thrown at us; the internet riddled with undeniable amounts of suffering. It's nearly impossible for us to not be impacted by all of this painful information. I'm at a loss on how or what exactly to do to help, so I'm using my resources in an attempt to serve as a friend in compassion and support of your stamina and resilience—which is, by the way, the resistance. We attune ourselves to the things we're exposed to, so my intention is to expose you to some serenity, to down-regulate your nervous system, and to energetically ground you in the seemingly bottomless whirlwind of chaos that surrounds us.

This will be interactive, and I encourage you to try it.