These A.M. Tricks Will Get You Out the Door Faster

While we can never resist getting a few extra minutes (or more) of shut-eye in the a.m., we can’t deny the fact that hitting the snooze button over and over totally messes with our chi. It always goes the same way: We rush out of bed, throw on the least wrinkled outfit we can find, put our hair up, and frantically run out the door without eating breakfast. The result? We arrive to work frazzled, defeated, and unprepared to take on the day’s tasks.

Plus, it doesn’t help when we run into that one friend or co-worker who always seems to have it more together than everyone else. You know—the kind of person who effortlessly strolls into an early meeting looking polished as ever and eternally energized. Are we envious? You bet. But curiosity trumps jealousy, so we went straight to the source for answers. Today, seven of our editors are sharing their morning hacks for getting out the door quickly and efficiently. 

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