How to Meal-Prep for the Week in Less Than an Hour

Nicole Loher is a triathlete, Adidas ambassador, and all-around fitness guru, all while balancing a badass day job in the fashion industry (and several side gigs to boot). Needless to say, she's an inspiration in the art of hustling—and she's totally game to share her knowledge. Follow her column, Part-Time Athlete, for her expert advice on everything from establishing a training regimen to finding early-morning gym motivation. Below, she shares how she plans her meals for an entire week—in less than an hour.



Stocksy/Suzanne Clements

Did you know nearly 40% of food in the U.S. is thrown away? In 2016, my biggest resolution was to waste less food for a few reasons. One: to save money. Two: to be better to the environment. And three: to have a plan of what I needed for the week so I could stick to my diet and avoid mindlessly grazing on my roommate’s Wheat Thins. Since then, I’ve only dialed this in more and more to the point where my significant other and I eat every meal at home with the exception of one meal that’s eaten as a “treat meal.”

In the last two years, I really feel like I’ve mastered the art of meal planning. Try these five steps below to get your meal prep down in under an hour.