Social Media Is My Job—These Are the 5 Ways I Practice Digital Wellness


Outdoor Voices

I have always considered myself to have a good relationship with my phone. I’ll never forget a time in college, just about the time that my friends and I started retiring our BBM statuses for the latest iPhone, that I left my phone upstairs in my dorm room to charge. I was sitting with a few of my roommates, doing homework at our kitchen table when my friend asked if I had gotten so-and-so’s text, and I had to explain I hadn’t checked my phone because it was upstairs. She replied with a dramatic look of shock on her face, “I don’t know how you do that.”

In fact, I used to participate in digital detoxes all the time before they were even really a thing. I gave up Facebook for Lent one year to focus on my schoolwork and noticed how much more free time I had to read The New York Times and hit the gym. But that all quickly came to an end once I finished school and landed my first job at a social media advertising agency, where being away from my phone for a few hours hour (let alone several weeks) was simply not an option.

Between staying on top of emails despite an ever-growing inbox; posting clever captions in-feed; and scrolling through Instagram Stories, tweets, IGTVs, or whatever the latest trending medium is, my eyes are constantly glued to several devices—sometimes all at once. But in the years since social media has become a core part of my career (and especially the past two, in which I’ve started working directly in the wellness space), I have finally found a balance between staying on top of my work in the digital world and being able to look at something else besides a screen once in a while. Here are some of my best (and super doable, no matter what your job is) tips for practicing digital wellness.