How to Use Gratitude to Fix a Really, Really Bad Day



So you're having a shitty, god-awful day. I know I personally relate and empathize. Whether it's because of some big life tragedy, a buildup of several smaller aggravations, or there's no good reason other than that your brain feels sad today, your bad day is totally valid. That said, it's still not a fun experience. So what can you do to turn it around in a healthy way?

That's the question we posed to a panel of mental health experts, including Sheree Surdam, a certified recovery coach and the wellness program manager at Mountainside rehab center. According to Surdam, one of the most effective things you can do to ease negative emotions on days when nothing seems to be going right is actually to engage in practices that help you express gratitude. "Techniques that encourage optimism allow people to cope with their stress in more productive ways and attract more positive influences into their lives," she says.

Keep scrolling for six manageable techniques that will help you express gratitude—and feel way better—even on a really, really bad day.