6 Things We Learned During a Conversation With 4 Wellness Experts


Courtesy of WeWork/Runway

I always like to tell people that I approach wellness first and foremost as a conversation: a constant dialogue with myself and others that allows me to evolve and learn in a truly holistic way on a moment-to-moment basis. Plus, I just love talking about it—which is why I was thrilled to be invited by WeWork and Runway Playa Vista to host a panel about wellness with four leading experts in the industry. Celebrity trainer Chase Weber, Dave Harper of Aussie hot spot Bondi Harvest, Helen McKeon of Lululemon, and Lisa Hirsch-Solomon, the founder and owner of The Studio (MDR), joined me for a dynamic exchange about our ever-evolving definition of health and how we can all learn to take care of ourselves a little more every day.

Needless to say, WeWork served as the perfect setting for a conversation about incorporating wellness into our daily routines. The company's mission is to create a shared workspace that feels more like a community, allowing members to create and collaborate in a relaxed environment—which, as we know, is the foundation for feeling happy and healthy throughout the day. That's not to mention that neighboring Runway Playa Vista is packed with wellness offerings including The Studio (MDR), Whole Foods, and a Lululemon pop-up.

Runway values the importance and local demand for fitness and wellness, which residents and visitors alike will continue to see in new programming and tenant choices, as well as an exciting schedule of health-related activations and events. That's not to mention it has quickly established itself as a hub for the millennial population that lives, works, and plays in Playa Vista. (It's no wonder companies like Thrive Market and The Honest Company have chosen to headquarter themselves near Runway.)

So after passing CBD-infused cocktails and dipping into a stunning charcuterie table, we kicked the panel off—and found our conversation spanning topics from the importance of advocating for mental health to whether the power of ritual might be overrated. Find some of our favorite takeaways below.