10 Things to Do Before Your Meal to Prevent Overeating



Food brings so much joy but can also feel taxing. There are times when we lean on food in ways that may not be the best for our bodies. "Comfort food," as we all know, feels nice in the moment but later can actually cause more discomfort. When you're stressed, tired, or unhappy, overeating is easy to do. Eating on impulse, rather than to nourish our bodies, is a habit that often feels satisfying but isn't in the long run. Alternately, there are practical ways to trick your mind and flip your eating habits into working for you, not against you.

Self-control when it comes to food takes practice. So don't be too hard on yourself. It's in your best interest to break the cycle because overeating can lead to heart disease and diabetes. Compulsive overeating syndrome is a term used to describe night eating, feeling too full, impulsive eating, and compulsive food behaviors. To help turn these habits around, Tanya Zuckerbrot, NYC-based registered dietitian, best-selling author, and founder of the F-Factor diet, and Ilana Muhlstein, co-creator of the 2B Mindset, break down how to prevent overeating below.