How to Ease Back Into Working Out After Taking Time Off


Claire Fountain

Whether you were sidelined by injury, a busy schedule, or sheer lack of motivation, getting back into a regular workout routine after taking time off can be an intimidating endeavor for a number of reasons. For starters, you really can't just dive right back in—it only takes about two weeks of sedentary life for your muscles to begin to lose strength, and simply picking up where you left off is a really easy way to hurt yourself. On the flip side, starting from square one can be frustrating, especially when you're all too aware of how strong you used to be.

So it's crucial to be methodical about your approach—for the sake of keeping both your body healthy and your motivation humming. For a general idea of what this might look like, we deferred to yogi, trainer, and THE/THIRTY contributor Claire Fountain for her tips and POV. Keep reading to find out how to get back in the swing of things.