How to Treat Anxiety Holistically: A Beginner's Guide



Tell your doctor you have anxiety, and odds are they'll have no problem prescribing you something that might help. But what if you don't want to go on medication?

If you're not interested in going the traditional route to treat your anxiety, it can be tricky knowing where to look for advice. That's where our unique panel of holistic gurus comes in. Whether your anxiety is situational or a bit more serious, "a great question to ask ourselves is what are the underlying factors that are triggering an anxiety response?" says Kishan Shah, a resident practitioner of Ayurvedic holistic medicine at wellness festival Lightning in a Bottle. "Has this been going on for a long period of time, and what actions have I taken to remove the causative factors or communicate with them?"

If you want to look at an anxiety from a metaphysical perspective, you can think of it as stemming from a "current spiritual crisis," says Loraine Van Tuyl, Ph.D., a licensed clinical psychologist, certified depth hypnotherapist, and shamanic healer at the Sacred Healing Well in Berkeley, California. "Rather than paying attention to guidance from our inner mystic—our wise, soulful voice—we let our inner critic—our overprotective, logical mind—run the show," she explains. According to Tuyl, most quick-fix anxiety treatments don't get the job done because they don't target the heart of the problem. Addressing the source of your anxiety is the basis for all our holistic gurus' healing techniques.

Whatever the heart of your anxiety is, our gurus promise that there are simple things you can do to shift the way you handle stressful situations (and their impact on your daily life) in a meaningful way. Keep reading to discover six holistic anxiety remedies you can try today—no prescription needed.