Do These 3 Things Before Bed to Fall Asleep Faster

This month, we're determined to help you catch more z's. We've partnered with Equinox to build a sleep challenge guaranteed to help you feel more well-rested by October's end. Each week, we'll tackle one science-backed strategy to help you work toward getting more quality sleep. This week, we're talking about simple, expert-backed ways you can unwind and de-stress before bed.

I love the idea of a luxurious nighttime routine replete with turmeric lattes and long bubble baths. But until very recently, when I came home from a day's worth of adult responsibilities, little seemed more appealing than parking myself on the couch with reheated leftovers in one hand and my Instagram feed in another. I knew, of course, that this sorry excuse for a bedtime routine was probably not helping my chronic insomnia. But in the moment, shifting my mindset about winding down always seemed like a task better reserved for another night.

It was thus unsurprising that during my 12-week sleep training program with Equinox, my coach, Ken Laing, insisted that tackling these vices head-on would be integral to getting a better night's sleep. Over the course of the summer, we worked slowly to phase out patterns like checking my inbox at 11:30 p.m. and falling asleep to Friends reruns, replacing them with habits that would support a much healthier sleep hygiene. While I'd be lying if I said that Netflix is no longer a part of my regular routine, setting aside time after getting my TV fix to de-stress and check in with myself really has made all the difference.