5 Empowering Reasons You Should Stop Weighing Yourself Every Day

This is actually the first time I've admitted this: Recently, the scale has had so much control over me. I keep it tucked right underneath my bathroom cabinet and am tempted to step onto it every morning. When I get on the scale, the numbers I see fluctuate by five to 10 pounds month over month. And lately, it's had me down-and-out. I work out on a regular basis and eat a rather balanced diet. I like putting my health first because seeing changes in my body makes me feel good. The fact that what I see on the scale has the power to negatively shift my entire mood is a problem. The fact that I feel the need to weigh myself on a scale every day is problematic, too. 

I know I can't be alone in this. A study done by the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior says that women who weigh themselves more often are also more likely to be concerned with their own weight, be depressed, and harbor a negative body image (which leads to lower self-esteem). In an effort to break my habit of weighing myself every day and to change the way I think about the scale, I reached out to professionals to seek their sound advice. Claire Fountain, celebrity yoga teacher, personal trainer, and wellness expert, along with Jess Sims, FHITPro trainer at Fhitting Room and certified fitness nutrition specialist, share the reasons you should shift your mindset regarding the scale, how to weigh yourself without one, and every way to take your power back.